Almons sells in bulk

Once the whole almond shells come out of the shelling, unmodified, are used for large heaters, ceramic furnaces or industrial boilers. Besides this professional use, with more frequency this kind of enery is displacing other types of fuels such as coal or wood at our homes.

At Almendras López, after the almond shelling process, we keep the almond shells in bulk to be able to sell them completely clean and without residues. Thus, we offer a product which works as an excellent fuel for the above mentioned industrial and domestic uses.

Almond shell for biomass

Using the almond shell for biomass is a perfect alternative to other fuels. In addition, this fuel is 100% ecological and renewable, so by consuming it, we help to contribute to the environment.

Apart from being an excellent biofuel, using the almond shell is much cheaper than usual pellets, electric or butane stoves. It also has other benefits:

It has a very high calorific value of 4,000 kcal / kg

Better quality / price compared to other types of biomass.

Low CO2 emission.

It produces little ash.

It does not release gases such as chlorine and sulphur.


Thanks to these benefits, it is not only suitable for domestic use in boilers but it can also be administered in industrial machinery for water heating, such as thermal oil, in heating boilers, etc. In addition, the almond shell in bulk, depending on its size, is used in other applications such as cosmetics, ceramics, wood substitutes in the manufacture of furniture or for animal feed.