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At Almendras López we are specialists in the marketing of almonds.. Working with a selected network of both national and international suppliers, we are always looking for the best cultivated crops to make our selection at origin. This close selection, together with our commitment and effort, enables us to offer a reliable product with the highest quality.

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For more than 40 years, we have been working in the wholesale distribution of almonds and thanks to our wide experience as almond suppliers. we have achieved an important market share in the export of our products. Currently, we offer our almonds in more than 30 countries.

Our work in the export and import of almonds is very thorough, guaranteeing optimal food safety conditions with the aim of offering a quality product and satisfying our national and international clients’ requirements. In this way, we take care of every detail on the almond transformation process.

As a result, we have currently expanded our project and built new facilities with the most innovative equipment and more storage capacity.

Our purpose is always to improve as almond suppliers. We already hold the ISO 22000 certification for Food Safety Management and the ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and we will continue working with the objective of obtaining more relevant certifications such as the IFS or the BRC.

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All our products are origin and quality certified and stand out for a unique and delicate flavor.

Among the products in our catalog, we are offering conventional and organic almonds (from different origins, varieties and processing ways), including processed almonds such as slices, meal, slivers and dices.

At Almendras López you can also find whole and chopped almond shells, al por mayor enteras y troceadaswhich you can use as an excellent renewable fuel for stoves or heating boilers.

Our production process is distinguished by selecting the best inshell almonds from their place of origin in the land. With this aim, it results crucial to well know the market and have close contact with the right farmers. After this first selection, we crack the almond shells at our facilities and caliber and select them in order to offer the highest quality products according to our customers’ requirements.

After this selection, we can prepare our almonds for blanching or processing and obtaining processed almonds.. Al igual que aprovechamos la cáscara de almendra para usarlo como biocombustible.

In all phases of our production process, we use specialized machinery, which allows us to ensure the product quality and offer our customers the full guarantee of buying almonds in perfect conditions.

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Almendras López began its history in 1977, but the company as we know it today, as an almond supplier, se constituirá en 1993. Actualmente, ofrecemos una amplia gama de variedades de almendra varieties and we carry out the entire process of almond shelling,, calibrado y repelado de las mismas. Además no solo trabajamos con almendra nacional, sino we also import Californian almonds

Gracias a nuestro sacrificio y trabajo hemos conseguido que nuestra empresa familiar se consolide como una de las empresas comercializadores de almendras más importantes de Andalucía. We are committed with the quality of our products and the excellence of our team of professionals to provide the best personalized service to our customers.

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